Vintage typewriter for copywriting

Copywriting for all.


01 — Introduction

I was trained on Mavis Beacon and more novels than was good for me and studied communications until I had my Master's degree. Then it was off to find my writing bliss until I realized that writing was my bliss. Now, I bring my love of words and mad typing skills to businesses in need of copy that sings.

02 — Experience

A detail-oriented copywriter with more than a decade of experience. I'm well-versed in content planning, brand management, digital marketing, and all things social. I'm a stellar teammate and all around excellent communicator. I cannot wait to work with you.

Here’s my career condensed to a few bullet points.

Work experience

Carrie Anderson, Writer

Copywriter in Chief

Bookelicious (2022-2023)

Marketing Associate

Old Dominion University Libraries (2016-2019)

Communications Coordinator


North Carolina State University


Randolph-Macon Woman's College




more than 20 projects

Human Resources

more than 10 projects

Health & Beauty

more than 10 projects

Project types


Magazines, brochures, fliers


VSL scripts, video narration


Ad campaigns, social media ads, email campaigns, blog posts, website copy, landing pages

Like my resumé? Want to work together? Drop me a message and I’ll get back to you in no time.